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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Incasta Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Tobias led Ginny and Midnight onto the roof of the hideout, and the three witnessed smoke starting to rise from the north. Midnight gasped involuntarily at the sight, witnessing the signs of war for the first time.

“Riku, Nikz, Stone,” She murmured to herself, silently praying that they were alright.

“We’ve got to head for the Viceroy building,” Ginny stated, noticing the sad look in Midnights’ brown eyes.

“Are you crazy?” Jake said, joining the three on the roof. “You want to run towards the enemy army? You’ll get killed.”

“We need to know if our family is alright,” Ginny shot back. “How would you feel if it was your family stationed up there?”

Jake fell silent, but gave a pleading look to Tobias to try and convince them otherwise. Tobias just shook his head, conjuring a plan.

“Toby, please,” Ginny asked, clasping her hands together as she begged him. Tobias looked at her in the eye, and then he looked at Midnight, who also looked pleadingly at him.

“Very well,” He finally sighed, turning back to Jake. “Jake, I need you to take the guys and get the hell out of the city. Follow the evacuation orders from the soldiers. Just make sure everyone gets out of here safe. I’ll take the girls to the Viceroy building.”

Jake was about to respond, but after seeing the look in Tobias’ eyes he silently nodded and ran back downstairs.

“Thanks Toby,” Ginny said, and with a nod from the boy, the three began moving quickly along the rooftop paths that had been laid out long ago.

As they moved, Midnight noticed citizens running in the opposite direction. There were burly business owners, families huddling together and children all by themselves. It saddened her inside, seeing the commoners in such a panicked state.

“They’ll be okay Midnight,” Ginny said, noticing the look upon her sisters’ face.

As they advanced, Tobias slid down a ladder to secure the way for the Princesses. Once all three were down, they got onto the main street and continued running, gaining some strange looks from fleeing citizens. They left the main street and turned into another alleyway, quickly advancing further.

Midnight fell to her knees, exhausted from the run. Ginny turned to see what was wrong before rushing back to her sister’s side.

“Midnight,” She said worriedly, “Are you alright?”

“Yes,” Midnight panted. “I’ve just never had to... run this far before.”

“Well,” Ginny replied, a smile playing on her face, “You never have to run in the Palace like this, do you?” Midnight smiled and nodded before Ginny helped her to her feet. Tobias stood there silently, waiting for the two to catch up. Ginny looked back at him whilst still smiling.

But that happy face rapidly morphed into one of horror when she looked behind Tobias.

“Toby, look out!”

Tobias only just Ginny’s cry before being struck from behind, the slash of a sword carrying creating an arch using his blood.

“TOBY,” Ginny screamed as she rushed to him on the ground. The slash wasn’t too deep, but would still require treatment.

As Ginny looked at the perpetrator, her face whitened to see the black and gold armour of an Imperial soldier, holding his sword at the ready.

But as he took one step forward, Midnight stood between him and Ginny, arms outstretched, an unusual look of determination on her face.

Ugoditi cepljenje,” She spoke in Imperial tongue, pleading him to stop.

“Where is he?” Nikz asked nervously as she and Stone overlooked the chaos that was transpiring below them.

Although the Incastan Guard had produced a valiant defence, the weight of numbers was too much to fend off for long and the Imperial army had breached the wall, whether by the shattered gate of siege ladders, and was now engaged in close combat with the defenders.

“I’m sure Riku’s fine,” Stone said comfortingly, but she was unable to believe the words herself. The Duke was somewhere down there, fighting alongside all of his countrymen.

“Excuse me,” A voice spoke from behind them, and the two turned to find a bandaged Miles standing in military uniform. Though his left arm was in a sling, he was prepared to fight and die for them, as were all the soldiers fighting below.

“Yes Miles?” Stone replied, waiting for this new snippet of information.

“We’ve successfully evacuated more than half of the city to outside the southern wall.

“And what about Midnight,” Nikz asked.

“We haven’t found her yet,” He replied solemnly, “But we are still searching. There’s every possibility that she is safe and will be found at the southern gate.”

Miles’ face then became more serious. “But if I should make a suggestion, you two should also be evacuated. The soldiers of the Empire have broken into the city and it’s not safe here. It’s only a matter of time before they break into the Viceroy building and begin their slaughter in here.”

“But we cannot leave Riku down there,” Nikz argued back, “And I am not leaving this city until Midnight is back by my side.”

“Nikz,” Stone said, placing a hand on Nikz’s shoulder. “We have to think rationally in times like this.”

“I am not leaving without her,” Nikz stated again, her determined nature on display.

A crash from outside brought Nikz and Stone’s attention back to the battle, boulders once again flying into the area behind the wall, crushing friend and foe alike under stone.

Nikz eyes widened as she witnessed Riku, no less than a few feet from a freshly fallen lump of rock, fighting for his life within the madness.

“There he is,” She nearly shouted, pressing against the glass as she pointed below. Stone looked a little before spotting him.

A crash sounded from the halls outside before shouting was heard. Miles quickly went to the railing of the upper floor they were on to see what was causing the commotion, Nikz and Stone following close behind.

“Oh no,” Miles murmured to himself, as Imperial soldiers started flooding inside the building.

“What do we do?” Stone asked, her nervousness starting to surface.

“You have to stay in here,” Miles said, having two other soldiers guide Nikz and Stone back inside the room. “Block the door while we hold them off.”

“Miles wait,” Stone said, but the doors were already closed, and though Nikz tried to open the door again, it appeared to already be blocked from the other side.

“What do we do?” Stone asked again, clearly unsettled by this whole situation.

Nikz thought quickly, trying to keep her mind off the battles being waged all her. Her eyes rested on the couches she sat on just hours ago before the negotiations.

“Stone,” Nikz said, “Help me move this.”

Stone looked to the couch before understanding took hold, as the two girls pushed the couch to block the doors. But as they finished doing so, a cry of pain could be heard from the other side.

“Damn it,” Nikz said out loud. “Stone, we need to get out of here.”

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